Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

One of the initiatives of the FPHTC Online Mentor Program is to “Broaden and/or enhance the understanding of the Florida Department of Health and its missions and programs.” Participants are not only encouraged to increase their awareness of the services that FDOH provides, but keep up with current events related to FDOH, as well.

And what better way of keeping “your finger on the pulse” than sitting in the newsroom? The Florida Department of Health’s Online Newsroom is a tool for the media to read press releases, video and audio interviews, stock photos and videos, and other important information.

FDOH Online NewsroomBest part: you don’t have to be a journalist to get access.

Anyone can check out their website and stay abreast on the latest updates from FDOH. But if reading press releases isn’t your thing, you can always get your news from following their Twitter feed, Facebook page, or YouTube Channel.

After all, FDOH does rank third as most social media friendly health department. (And yes, I got that from reading a press release).


Be Prepared to Discuss the 2014 Fiscal Budget

Photo Credit: 401(K) 2013

Photo Credit: 401(K) 2013

On April 10th, President Obama announced his 2014 budget. Many organizations and agencies within health and human services have shared their thoughts on its potential impact.

As public health professionals, we must stay on top of these discussions and be aware of the political changes that influence the direction of our field.

Our team has collected a selection of blog posts, online articles and videos to give our OMP participants a starting point to having educated conversations amongst their colleagues and peers.

Watch the YouTube video where Health and Human Resources Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announces the 2014 Budget.

The original U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: FY 2014 President’s Budget for HHS (4/10/2013) may be a lot of material to read through. The following list will showcase some highlights related to public health:

There has been a lot of coverage on this topic. The list above is, by no means, comprehensive. If you have articles or blog posts links worth sharing with our OMP community, please email the Program Coordinator at omp@health.usf.edu.

Grant-Writing, a Top Skill!

We surveyed the mentees in our Online Mentoring Program and found that most mentees selected grant-writing as one of their top interests. In a time when the government is considering ways to cut federal public health funding, the ability to effectively write grants can make the difference between continuing and cancelling a public health program or service in your area.

Photo Credit: miggslives

Photo Credit: miggslives

We asked our in-house information specialist, Jo Averill-Snell, to research valuable resources for our OMP participants. Below is a list that may help improve your grant-writing skills:

Now, more than ever, public health professionals will have to be creative in finding new ways to acquire funding to sustain their efforts and continue their programs!