OMP Update: New Feature for Mentees!

Photo Credit: Elvis Halilovic

Photo Credit: Elvis Halilovic

Over the past year we have received multiple email requests from mentees asking to be more proactive in pursuing their mentorships. Most were eager to be engaged but didn’t have a way to jump-start their experiences.

Some of the questions we received from mentees were:

  • “How come I can’t see my list of potential mentors?”
  • “How come I have to wait for a mentor to make me an offer?”
  • “Why can’t I make offers to mentors?”

Well, we heard your feedback and responded with exciting new changes!

As a mentee, now you can:

  • Review your list of potential mentors
  • ‘Make offers’ to mentors with whom you like to work

Previously, only mentors were allowed to review their lists of potential mentees and ‘make offers’. This put the responsibility of initiating mentorships solely on mentors. With the ratio of mentors-to-mentees at 3-to-1, this did not result in many new offers. Now, the system allows everyone to be proactive in pursuing their professional match, not just mentors.

In the real-world, those who take initiative see greater success. With these new features, mentees will have more control over their professional development.

If you have any other requests or ideas to improve the program to better meet your needs, email Program Coordinator at


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