National Mentoring Month: Jonathan’s Mentorship

Jonathan Meadows, MPH, CPH, CPhT also began in our FPHTC Online Mentor Program as a mentee during spring of 2012. “My mentor has been totally accommodating and flexible in making sure that we meet regularly as possible and foster a beneficial relationship,” says Meadows. He shares his professional dreams during his meetings and  values the ways his mentor helps him create action plans towards making those goals achievable.

Biz Discussion.jpgNetworking is also a great benefit to mentorships since they provide introductions with the right professional contacts. Mentoring is one way to elevate talent and link people with others who can collaborate with each other. “My mentor has been instrumental in building my network throughout the public health community,” says Meadows, who is already building lasting relationships in the field and enjoying the exchange of ideas and views they bring. “Mentorships are important in public health is because it provides an anchor to a more established professional as new professionals take root in the organization,” he says.

As a biological scientist in environmental health, epidemiology, and preparedness division of the Pinellas County Health Department in Florida, Meadows continues to develop his post-degree epidemiology experiences. Although his current contract is temporary, his desire to learn and grow is not. He continues to build his skills in the areas related to disease outbreak, infectious diseases, health planning, and evaluation of services. “[My mentor] has demonstrated resilience in the workplace that I am inspired to replicate in my own career,” Meadows says.

We dedicate this post to Jonathan’s mentor!


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