National Mentoring Month: Donna’s Mentorship

Donna Ingles is a current mentee in our FPHTC Online Mentor Program. She is paired with a seasoned public health professional, who has been integral in elevating her expectations in achieving a successful career in public health. Although she is mid-way through her program, she continues to see benefits from her mentorship.

“The mentorship program provides you with someone who actually has hands-on experience in the field and can tell you what to expect and how to succeed,” says Ingles. “The public health field is undoubtedly going to continue to grow in the coming decade, and having graduates who are well-prepared is critical to success.”

Girl on ComputerIngles started her mentorship during the spring of 2012 and has seen many changes (including a job promotion!) occur from the time spent discussing her goals with her mentor. “My mentor has been exceptionally helpful in identifying ways in which I can enhance my resume and [work] experience,” she says.

One of the things her mentor suggested was enrolling in appropriate (and free) online classes and training programs to increase her core competencies (such as, those offered by CLPHP). Her mentor also offered advice on how to advance her career into her current position. “She also provided me with a realistic perspective of working for the Department of Health and as a public health professional in general.”

Although Ingles now works as research laboratory coordinator at the MOFFITT Cancer Center in Tampa, FL (and loves her current position), it does not stop her from continuing to work on goals that will make a greater impact in the field of public health. “I would really like to be able to play a leadership role in a governmental organization (or possibly an NGO) where I could bridge the existing divide between science, policy, governments, and funding to address health concerns in the U.S. and around the world,” she says.

We dedicate this post to Donna’s mentor!


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