10 Essential Services: Florida’s Continuing Legacy

The FPHTC Online Mentor Program launched in Florida to support Essential Services #8: “Assure competent public and personal health care workforce.”

Every day, our Program Coordinators work closely with the Office of Workforce Development at the Florida Department of Health to ensure that the Online Mentor Program helps to meet their growing workforce demands in the state of Florida. In collaboration, they help to ensure that their employees continue to evolve in their roles in ways that support the 10 Essential Services of Public Health.

“I am a firm believer in ‘Each One Teach One’ philosophy,” says LaTonya Thomas, Government Analyst for the Office of Performance and Quality Improvement, Workforce Development at Florida Department of Health. “With today’s ever-shrinking job market, and even more shrinkage within our public health workforce, it is imperative that we take a few moments to reach back AND give back or ‘share’ with the emerging public health workforce and leaders.”

The video below is a wonderful example from the Florida Department of Health of how public health professionals in Florida continue to provide all 10 Essential Services in public health:

For more information about 10 Essential Services in Public Health, check out:


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