Course: Basic Epidemiology

Photo Credit: Jessica Loushe

Need to dust off your Basic Epi skills?

The Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice recently launched a new section of their online course entitled “Basic Epidemiology.” The training course develops the awareness and knowledge of public health workers who may be deployed on Field Epidemiology strike teams. It is designed to help them assist local, regional, state, and national epidemiology staff in disease investigations during surge capacity.

In four (4) hours, participants will become able to:

  • Define terms and concepts associated with epidemiology.
  • Understand how to design and/or modify field epidemiology surveys and questionnaires.
  • Understand strategies for setting up an epidemiology field investigation surveillance system.
  • Be aware of the procedures and protocols for sampling and packaging of clinical specimens.
  • Be aware of the policies related to quarantine and isolation.
  • Understand interview communication concepts and techniques.
  • Understand the function of and associated interview skills for epidemiological contact investigation.

This course was developed to meet the Public Health Core Competencies in the Analytical and Assessment Skills [1] and Communication Skills [3] domains.

The related public health core competency are:

  • [1A4 and 1B4] Uses methods and instruments for collecting valid and reliable quantitative and qualitative data.
  • [1A8] Adheres to ethical principles in the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of data and information.
  • [1B8] Employs ethical principles in the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of data and information
  • [3A6, 3B6, 3C6] Applies communication and group dynamic strategies in interactions with individuals and groups.

The course also meets the following Related Public Health Preparedness and Response Core Competencies in Domain 2. Communicate and Manage Information

  • [2.3] Report information potentially relevant to the identification and control of an emergency throught the chain of command
  • [2.4] Collect data according to protocol
  • [2.5] Manage the recording and/or transcription of data according to protocol.

OFFERED BY: USF Health’s Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice
COST: Free
REGISTRATION: Go to CLPHP’s course page for instructions.

FPHTC-OMP Participants: The Basic Epidemiology course mentioned above is for professional development and can be applied towards program completion.


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