Course: Public Health Leadership and Systems’ Thinking Certificate Program

The Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice is introducing a new certificate program entitled “Public Health Leadership and Systems’ Thinking Certificate Program.” The program consists of three (3) online courses, which participants may take one or all in any order for professional development. However, all three courses must be completed in order to obtain the program completion certificate.

The three courses equal 3 contact hours and their descriptions are included below:

[COURSE 1] Public Health Performance Improvement: Programs and Processes
This course addresses the performance improvement, quality improvement, and performance standards of the public health system and public health agencies. It helps participants identify and describe national, state, and local public health performance improvement processes to effectively measure, report, and improve public health organizational performance. (Click for more details…)

[COURSE 2] Public Health Systems, Services, and Practice: Infrastructure and Functions
This course examines the role of the public health system within the local, state, and national infrastructure and the social, political, and economic factors that impact an organization’s functions. (Click for more details…)

[COURSE 3] The Art and Science of Ethical and Effective Public Health Leadership.
This course reviews the leader’s role in creating and maintaining a shared public health vision to guide practice and community action. It describes the public health leader’s role in creating an organizational culture that incorporates ethical standards of public health practice. (Click for more details…)

This program was developed to meet six of the 8 Public Health Core Competencies in the Leadership and Systems’ Thinking domain. The related Public Health Core Competencies are:

  • Describes how public health operates within a larger system.
  • Describes the impact of changes in the public health system and the larger social, political, economic environment on organizational practices.
  • Identifies internal and external problems that may affect the delivery of the Essential Public Health Services.
  • Incorporates ethical standards of practice as the basis of all interactions with organizations, communities, and individuals.
  • Participates with stakeholders in identifying key public health values and a shared public health vision as guiding principles for community action.
  • Participates in the measuring, reporting, and continuous improvement of organizational performance.

This program also was developed to meet Public Health Essential Service #8: “Assure a competent public health and personal health care workforce.”

OFFERED BY: USF Health’s Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice
COST: Free
REGISTRATION: Go to CLPHP’s course page for instructions.

Online Mentor Program Participants: All of the courses mentioned above are for professional development and can be applied towards your program completion.


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