Course: Role of Mentorship in Public Health

Mentorships are important in developing our future workforce. Sometimes formal mentorship programs are in place, where mentees are assigned to mentors. Other times co-workers or supervisors take students or employees under their wings and simply ‘show them the ropes.’

In public health, mentoring can be more crucial. It may be one way to attack some of public health’s most pressing issues, including (1) a dearth of leadership in the field, (2) personnel shortages in virtually every health specialization, (3) the needed unification of public health professionals with an eclectic array of skills and interests, and (4) better understanding and support of public health initiatives among the general public.

For those interested in deepening their current mentorship experience within the FPHTC Online Mentor Program, there are several online courses worth taking in an effort to build the skills needed to effectively coach professionals in public health.

South Central Public Health Partnership offers two online courses on mentoring in public health. They are “Coaching and Mentoring: Learn with and from Others” (3 contact hours) and “Mentoring and Coaching” (2 contact hours).

The Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice recently launched a new online course entitled “Role of Mentorship in Public Health.” In one short hour, participants will become able to:

  • Define key terminology, including formal and informal mentorships, mentor, and mentee.
  • List the benefits of a mentorship for the field of public health, the mentor, the mentee, and the public health organization.
  • Identify the key responsibilities of a mentor and a mentee.
  • Recognize the suggested activities included to support mentorships.
  • Identify strategies to initiate, sustain, and maximize a mentorship experience.

The course was developed to meet the following Public Health Core Competencies in the Leadership and Systems Thinking domain:

  • Participates in mentoring and peer review or coaching opportunities (Tier 1).
  • Establishes mentoring, peer advising, coaching, or other personal development opportunities for the public health workforce (Tier 2).

OFFERED BY: USF Health’s Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice (CLPHP)COST: Free
REGISTRATION: Go to CLPHP’s course page for instructions.

FPHTC-OMP Participants: All of the courses mentioned above are for professional development and can be applied towards program completion.


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