Course: Public Health Leadership

What does it take to be a leader in the field of public health? Director of Public Health Practice and Leadership at USF Health (and a public health leader himself) Dr. Adewale Troutman discusses leadership in his course entitled “Art and Science of Ethical and Effective Public Leadership“.

Dr. Adewale reviews the leader’s role in creating and maintaining a shared public health vision to guide practice and community action and describes the leader’s role in creating an organizational culture that incorporates ethical standards of public health practice.

The course was developed to meet the following Public Health Core Competencies in the Leadership and Systems’ Thinking domain.

The related public health core competencies are:

  • Incorporates ethical standards of practice as the basis of all interactions with organizations, communities, and individuals.
  • Participates with stakeholders in identifying key public health values and a shared public health vision as guiding principles for community action.

OFFERED BY: USF Health’s Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice (CLPHP)
: Free
REGISTRATION: Go to CLPHP’s course page for instructions.


Resume/CV Checklist

Photo Credit: Landin Hollis

In today’s digital age of online profiles and e-portfolios, resumes and CVs no longer have the impact they once had. However, they still remain the job-transition currency when applying for new jobs. They are the documents that may (or may not) get your foot in the door.

The online mentor program encourages mentors to review and provide feedback to their mentees regarding resumes and CVs. But whether or not your are in the mentorship program, we believe the Resume/CV Checklist can help anyone, in any public health profession, revise and update their resume.

Click HERE to view the Resume/CV Checklist.